This Legendary Strip of Island Sand

“A Piece Of History On Fort Myers Beach”

The building you are now in, has a very storied past. Built back in 1921, as a casino, and a restaurant, with 100 bathhouses named The Gulfshore Inn. After extensive hurricane damage, it was rebuilt and had a succession of owners and facelifts over the years. Dan Reinfried appeared on the scene in 1972. Affectionately known as “The Man Who Built the Beach”, Reinfried was a visionary developer who, along with his best childhood friend, Malcolm Young, purchased the property as the Gulf Shore Inn. They later brought in a third investor, independent wildcatter and oilman Wakyn Ferris, who was a longtime friend of Dan and Malcolm from their days in the oilfields of Colorado. Wakyn believed in his friends’ vision and helped finance their dream of the Gulfshore.

In 2016, Dan’s daughter Dana, collaborated with Gary Ferris, Waykn’s son, and hired local General Contractor, Jay Urseleo, (who was born and raised right here on the island), to renovate and update Shucker’s main dining and bar area. The renovations took place in the Summer of 2017. Interestingly, as part of the renovation, the entire roof was raised which led to the discovery, in the rafters, of an old sign that read – The Gulf Shore Inn. That sign hangs in the Dining Room today, along with several photos of Dan Reinfried, Malcolm Young, and Waykn Ferris.

So, we sincerely thank you for coming along on this journey with us – please experience any one or all of our establishments. Dine on some of the freshest seafood, creative cocktails, and classic entrees at Shucker’s, or sip a cold drink at the Beach Bar, while watching one of our unrivaled Gulf coast sunsets. Afterwards, soak in the nightlife at the famous Cottage Bar, listening to some energetic local bands.

We want you to enjoy your time with us like you are a member of our extended family – come be a part of our proud history here at Shuckers at the Gulfshore, The Cottage Bar, and The Beach Bar!